Speed summit program

What is speed summit?

Professional Mountain Guides is proud to offer our Speed Summit program. This program is designed to reduce the amount of time spent to summit the highest peaks in the world. From your home you will begin to acclimatize using Hypoxico tents. This can turn a multi month long expedition into a multi week trip. This system is tried and tested by some of the most experienced guides in the industry. Using the best local resources possible, we believe that this is the future of big mountain climbing.

How does it work?

During a standard expedition to elevations above 18,000 ft, we often times have to make rotations to high elevations. The classic "climb high sleep low." These rotations are very time consuming and often time we spend more time exposed to overhead hazard. By utilizing a Hypoxico tent we can eliminate these rotations by acclimatizing up to an altitude of 23,000 ft. This takes dedication to sleeping in the tent for up to 2 months. With this pre-acclimatization we can turn a 2-month expedition into as little as 3 weeks.

Standard acclimating time at home:
5,000 - 6,000 meter peaks such as Ecuador Volcanoes is 4 weeks.
7,000 - 8,000 meter peaks such as Aconcagua is 6 weeks.
8,000+ meter peaks such as Everest and Cho Oyu is 8 weeks

Best local resources

Across the globe we use the best local resources to make these trips a success. We utilize porters, helicopters, mules, and the best guides to make the experience the quickest and most rewarding possible.

During all of our programs we use some of the best weather forecasters from across the globe. We can pinpoint the smallest possible weather windows and push for the summits.

Professional Mountain Guides understands that a guide can make or break your trip. Our guides for these Speed Summit's are well versed in high altitude climbing and have achieved the highest level certifications.

Increased success rate

Over the years we have found that during our Speed Summit programs we have had a nearly perfect success rate. We head straight to the basecamps, arriving fresh and already acclimated. We do not spend time trekking through remote villages or meandering around cities. That can be done post expedition. This reduces the likelihood of getting a gastrointestinal bug, or respiratory illness. These are common on long treks in the greater ranges and are a leading cause in disrupting summit attempts.

Who is this for?

The Speed Summit program is not just for athletes. A shorter expedition can be achieved by anyone with a good level of fitness and dedication to utilizing the Hypoxico tent system. We designed the Speed Summit program for people who have dreams of summiting the world highest peaks but have responsibilities that don't allow them to spend a lot time away. These trips can seem daunting, we will be there every step of the way providing training materials and helping you prepare for your dream trip.


Have a peak in mind? We can take you there! For the best chance of success, we recommend a private Speed Summit Program. This program will be fully customized to your dates, the peak of your choosing, and the trip can be shortened or extended based on your timeline, fitness level, etc. Working one on one with your guide from the training through the summit. INQUIRE HERE

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