from first days to first ascents

PRivate trips

Professional Mountain Guides specializes in private trips around the globe. We offer trips from all disciplines. Our private trips range from your first day rock climbing or ski touring to climbing Mt. Everest in 3 weeks or skiing a first descent in Ecuador. The sky is the limit with our private trips. From first days to first ascents, we have the guide for you!

Why book a private?

Private trips are fully customizable to meet your parties timeline, needs, and fitness levels. Here at Professional Mountain Guides we are here to work with you every step of the way. When booking a private with us we want to make sure you succeed. We do this by providing you with pre-course resources to help you show up ready to send.

Often times other party members in your group can be a great hindrance to your trip. Whether it is personalities clashing, difference in fitness levels, or differences in learning objectives. This often times can lead the group to go slowly or not cover everything you wanted to learn in a certain course. This can be mitigated by going by yourself or with a few friends.

Cost difference

Private trips are more expensive than group trips. However, if booking with 2 or 3 friends or family members the cost remains the same. A private 1 to 1 guide to guest ratio is going to be our most expensive program. However, if learning how to move through the mountains or summitting your dream peak is the goal, there is no better way to ensure success.

If you can dream it, we can guide it.